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Working scope of trademark die cutting machine
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Description of main structure of trademark die-cutting machine


Description of the main structure of the trademark die cutting machine: The trademark die cutting machine is composed of a die base device, a ramp device, a hydraulic system and an electrical control system. Mold base device: the device is applicable to die cutting installation requirements of various product specifications, and can adjust left and right rotation to meet die cutting accuracy. Inclined table device: This inclined table can adapt to various product specifications, and can move left and right forward and backward to achieve the precision of blank paper die-cutting position. Hydraulic system: the system is composed of oil storage tank, oil pump two position three-way valve, regulating valve, unloading one-way valve, oil circuit, etc. The regulating valve and unloading valve are used to regulate the pressure die-cutting speed and oil volume. Electrical appliances and control system: mainly control die cutting quality (speed) and die cutting stroke to meet the requirements of various product operations.

Start the test machine, press "oil pump start" to move the switch to the inching position, press "forward" or "backward" to check whether the limit position of the travel switch is accurate, if it is normal, switch the switch to the automatic position, press the automatic button, and the ejector block on the machine can be automatically controlled back and forth. Loading and unloading device: the discharging device has been adjusted before delivery. Connect it to the front of the machine. Check whether the front end of the discharge device is close to the back of the mold. If the position is incorrect, it can be adjusted appropriately.

If there is a fault, how can I troubleshoot it? Troubleshooting 1. The oil pump is noisy, the pressure is unstable, the oil pump is damaged, the filter is blocked, and the oil pump is repaired,

The pressure gauge of the cleaning filter 2 is weak, the overflow valve core is stuck, the trademark die cutting machine uses the hydraulic system, which is stable and reliable, and the surface of the die cutting finished product is smooth, the size is uniform, neat, and the efficiency is higher; The left and right sides are equipped with safety light curtains for safer use; The upper tool table can be adjusted back and forth. The rack device can be installed at any position, and has the overall rotation function, which is convenient and fast to use.