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When the automatic die-cutting machine is packaging, printing and die-cutting, what errors will occur in the swing cover size?


When fully automatic die cutting machine manufactures goods, why does the product size cause errors of different sizes? Generally speaking, the size here occurs through packaging, printing, die cutting and carton shaking.

Generally speaking, the automatic die-cutting machine is caused by the following two problems.

The speed difference caused by the stick of the automatic die cutting machine causes the speed difference: when the working pressure of the automatic die cutting machine is too large, the cardboard will slow down in the transmission speed, and the efficiency of the left and right sticks will cause the speed difference. When the corrugated cardboard just enters the die-cutting process, the die-cutting working pressure is gradually charged. At this time, because the cardboard just enters the process, the overall speed ratio is even, so the size of the first out cardboard is reasonable. Because the rotation speed ratio of the left and right sticks changes under heavy working pressure for a long time, the size of the cardboard at the end changes, resulting in different sizes of the left and right swing covers.

Second, due to the damage of the Uli rubber pad, the hole diameters of all barrels were reduced, resulting in inconsistent speed ratios between the left and the right.

When the diameter of the die cutting rubber pad changes, the die cutting size of the paper box will also change. Therefore, when the die cutting rubber pad is damaged too much, it needs to be grinded or replaced to ensure the precision of the die cutting size. It is not difficult to see that the use of die cutting rubber pad is very important in the die cutting production process, and the service life and quality should be fully considered when purchasing the die cutting rubber pad. The faster the die cutting rubber pad is damaged, the greater the probability of your precision deviation. Therefore, the working pressure of die cutting should be alleviated as much as possible at the use level, which is beneficial to the service life of the die shell and the Uli rubber pad.