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Reasonable application and maintenance of flat press logo die-cutting machine


Maintenance of logo die cutting machine for flat pressing trademark logo die cutting machine is the main application machine in the field of packaging and printing. After a long period of time, maintain the flat die cutting machine, and reasonably reduce the occurrence of common failures and service life of the cutting machine. The operation of mechanical components has certain friction, and excellent maintenance can also ensure the high efficiency of mechanical film cutting.

1. Flat die cutting machine is a mechanical commodity. The operation of mechanical products must be lubricated to reduce friction and damage. The crankshaft, motor, rotating shaft and transmission belt on the die-cutting machine keep rotating, and the dry friction between metal materials and metal is very serious. Therefore, technical Tianjiao Runhua must ensure the successful operation of machinery. Excellent time maintenance can reduce the incidence rate of sudden common failures.

2. The flat die cutting machine is exposed to the natural environment. Many magazines, periodicals and dust enter the equipment and penetrate into the connection part of oil soluble components. As the rotation of the rotating wheel increases the friction, it is necessary to eliminate the dust of magazines and periodicals on time. When cleaning, it is not necessary to leave cleaning equipment such as rain on the equipment. Mechanical components are seriously rusted to water.

3. When using the flat die cutting machine, be careful to level the equipment, and disconnect the switch power when it is not suitable. At present, most of the flat die cutting machines use intelligent PLC control, but long-term power distribution will make the power circuit aging.