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What are the causes and how to adjust the common faults of automatic die-cutting machine?


The reasons for the abnormality of automatic die-cutting machine are as follows:

1. The bite force between the teeth and the paper is not enough. During the production and processing of coating type outer packaging equipment for some surface layers, the die cutting error of the outer packaging products is usually enlarged, and the error is irregular. This may be caused by insufficient bite force of the teeth. Because the tooth movement is the whole process of instantaneous acceleration and deceleration, the surface of the coating type outer packaging products on the surface is smooth and clean, and the sliding friction with the teeth is not enough during the whole process of feeding. If the tooth bite force is insufficient, The commodities will eventually move when die-cutting, which will cause excessive die-cutting error.

2. The side clearance calibration torsion spring is cracked or aged. After this kind of common fault occurs, the tooth rack can not reach the stable position of picking paper and closing pressure, which will reduce the qualification rate. Workers must pay attention to this position when maintaining machinery and equipment, and repair or replace cracked or aging components as early as possible to ensure normal production and manufacturing.

What are the factors of paper crushing after die-cutting by automatic die-cutting machine?

The die-cutting pressure is large, or the working pressure of a certain part is especially large, which will press deeper wear marks on the steel. The knife mark will hook the paper wound, causing the paper to break and crush.

Solution: Adjust the working pressure of paper to make it moderate and symmetrical.

The storage time is too long or the quality is not good, and the storage natural environment is unreasonable, which causes the dimness of the indentation and glue on the surface. Under the effect of high pressure, the paper will also stick, so you can dab some light calcium powder appropriately; The surface of the indentation die is uneven, or the indentation die loses its viscosity due to the invasion of paper dust during the whole process of molding, which can also hook the paper to crush the paper; It is necessary to replace the indentation die or use glue to save it.

If the thickness of the paper changes, it is easy to cause the paper to lose its elasticity during the whole use of the die-cutting machine, and it is impossible to talk about the paper. Some paper teeth have too much resistance to the paper, and the paper is crushed; The paper should be adjusted immediately to evenly stretch the paper.

In addition, in the process of operation, contact the actual situation, in-depth analysis of actual problems, find problems and solve them.