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lithography technology today
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The die cutting machine can be adjusted in six minutes


The control system of the die-cutting machine adjusts the standard air pressure size of the cylinder according to the proportional valve. The cylinder presses the friction plate on the fixed rigid ring. The standard air pressure size of the cylinder immediately manipulates the sliding friction between the friction plate and the rigid ring, thus controlling the supporting force of the feeding and printing paper in a closed loop to maintain the same tension.

(1) In the manufacturing workflow, we must get the tool mold to start cutting after matching the raw materials. When we get the tool mold, we must get the tool mold according to the engineering drawing and material number. During the process of receiving the tool mold, we must remember that the material number and tool serial number must be checked properly to facilitate the proper receiving of the tool, not just the appearance of the product. There are too many similar commodity cutters in large and medium-sized die cutting processing plants. At the same time, there are several new and old cutters used in the same product. Once the wrong cutter is received, it is discovered that it has caused a great consumption of raw materials until manufacturing.

(2) After receiving the fixed knife die, everyone must fix the received knife die on the mold of the die cutting machine. When it is fixed here, people must strictly check the safety operation rules to determine whether the die shell is to be cut down or cut up. If it is an upper die, it must be fixed on the upper side of the lower template. If it is a lower die, it must be fixed on the upper side of the upper template. When fixing, people usually use double-sided adhesive tape with high viscosity and thin thickness to fix. When selecting double-sided tape, remember to use double-sided tape with high viscosity and good reliability (usually 3M adhesive tape) to prevent the die from falling down during punching.

(3) The angle of view adjustment of the fixed fixed knife die is not only to fix the fixed knife die, but also to ensure the vertical angle between the knife die and the feeding direction of the machine and equipment during the whole process of fixing, so as to ensure that the die shell is vertical with the feeding belt during punching.

(4) The base plate shall be fixed after the mold shell is fixed. The primary function of the base plate is to maintain the direct contact between the cutting edge and the template, reduce the damage of the tool and lift the service life of the tool. The base plate is generally made of PVC plate with a thickness of more than 1mm or PE anti-static rubber. Generally, the area of base plate shall be more than 5mm above the four sides of the tool base plate. The base plate should be fixed at one side of the formwork in the feeding direction. Some membrane cutting teachers habitually pad two pads when starting, mainly because of convenient adjustment.

(5) Adjustment of working pressure Here, the key to the adjustment of working pressure is the deep adjustment of the pointer to the membrane cutting die holder. After you have installed the cutter, we will carry out the hydraulic test of mold base adjustment to check whether the mold shell can reasonably cut the raw materials. During the whole process of working pressure adjustment, it is forbidden to carry out single action or continuous punching immediately, and the machine and equipment must be adjusted to the manual gear for detection and adjustment. When the die base is adjusted to a large stroke arrangement at this stage and it is still unable to cut raw materials reasonably, the pressure charging adjustment shall be carried out for re detection. When the die seat is adjusted to a large stroke arrangement, the upper die seat has been punched out, indicating that the working pressure of the die seat is too deep and should be reduced for re detection.