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lithography technology today
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Adjustment mode of laser holographic lithography machine


1. Start the machine according to the normal startup sequence, be sure to turn on the industrial chiller, and wait for the next practical operation when the real-time temperature of the industrial chiller is consistent with the set temperature.

2. Disassemble the protective cover of the laser holographic lithography machine, and be careful not to touch it; Turn off the power circuit of the laser generator and Q switch according to the normal standby mode.

3. Observe the red light output and feedback with a variable light frequency multiplier or thin paper. It is appropriate to use a round bright spot on the red light indicator screen. If there are several red light spots, adjust the red light indicator to the adjusting nuts of the beam expander successively until the requirements are met.

4. Turn on the laser generator, adjust the current to the range of 14~15A, and try not to exceed 15A. Use the variable light frequency multiplier to observe whether the laser is a round and beautiful spot in front of the laser generator.

5. Place the frequency multiplier behind the beam expander and observe whether there is laser output. If not, slowly adjust the adjusting nuts until there is a bright round spot.

6. Slowly decrease the current, observe the light spot of the frequency multiplier, and adjust the adjusting nut until the light spot is round.

7. Repeat step 6 for 4~6 times to obtain round bright spot. At this time, the current should be less than 10A and should not exceed 12A as far as possible.

8. Place the frequency multiplier on the work table. At this time, the console should be the focal point (about 22~22.5cm apart). Observe the laser spot height. You can also slightly increase the current to adjust the adjusting nut until the cow spot is obtained. Note that this process is adjustment.

9. Turn on the Q power switch and start the trial engraving. (If the main parameters of the trial engraving are the main parameters of normal laser marking, it is OK.) If the light intensity meets the requirements, the adjustment is over.

10. Assemble the protective cover.