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Protect your eyes when operating the laser holographic lithography machine


Hello, boys and girls! When processing laser holographic lithography machine, we should pay attention to the use environment, operation habits and operation safety. Because the laser engraving machine is very easy to cause damage to the eyes during operation, how should we pay attention to how to protect the eyes?

To operate the numerical control engraving machine, we generally use laser goggles to maintain our eyes. The basic principle of laser goggles is to protect double beam, absorption heat pump, transmission type and composite type. The plasma arc for plasma cutting can also use this type of protection to maintain the eyes.

1. Pay attention to the adjustment of diet to improve the radiation resistance. The slight radiation of optical fiber laser cutting can be resisted. This kind of food can help people maintain their eyes and protect their bodies under the premise of optical fiber laser cutting radiation.

2. When there are dents in the glasses of the eyes, safety glasses or work caps, please replace them immediately, because they have no protective effect.

3. When laser cutting is arranged on the spot, the following methods can be used to reduce the refraction or radiation of ultraviolet light: paint the wall of the working environment dark to reduce radiation; Equipment protective screen or roller shutter to reduce ultraviolet radiation.

4. Other workers in the working area do not have to watch the electric light or flame during laser cutting.

5. According to national or local policies and regulations, wear dark eyes or protective glasses with protective layer, or welding work caps, to protect eyes from the strong light of flame, ultraviolet light and infrared induction of plasma arc.